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Grand Slam or Grand slam may refer to:


Auto racing[edit]

  • Grand Slam (NASCAR) (officially 1985–2002/2003, unofficially 1970-2004), winning all of NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series majors in a calendar year
  • Grand Slam (Formula One) in Formula One racing, winning a race from pole while leading every lap and scoring the fastest lap


  • Grand slam (baseball), home run with all three bases occupied, thereby scoring four runs on one play (the maximum)


Equestrian sports[edit]

  • Grand Slam (horse) (1995–2012), American thoroughbred racehorse
  • Grand Slam of Thoroughbred Racing, four particular races (but see Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing)
    • Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and Breeder's Cup Classic (colts)
    • Kentucky Oaks, Black-Eye Susan Stakes, Acorn Stakes, and Breeder's Cup Distaff (fillies)
  • Equestrian Grand Slam
    • Grand Slam of Eventing (from 1998), three particular world horse trials competitions; also one rider consecutively winning all three of them
    • Grand Slam of Show Jumping (from 2013), one rider winning all three major annual competitions consecutively




  • Grand Slam (tennis) (in use from 1933), one player or pair winning all four major annual tennis tournaments; also a nickname for each of the major tournaments
  • Pepsi Grand Slam (1976–1981), annual men's professional tennis tournament
  • Grand Slam Cup (1990–1999), annual international tennis tournament
  • Grand Slam (real tennis) (from 1990), a player or pair winning all four major annual real tennis tournaments

Other sports[edit]

  • Capital One Grand Slam of Curling (from 2001), series of annual curling bonspiels that is a subset of the World Curling Tour
  • Grand Slam (PBA) (from 1975), one team winning all three major annual Philippine Basketball Association tournaments in a single season
  • Grand Slam (rugby union) (first 1908), one national team defeating all others in the annual rugby union series now called Six Nations Championship
  • Grand Slam Championship, various achievements defined by winning four specific professional wrestling championships
  • Grand Slam of Ultrarunning (from 1986), Award for one registered person finishing the four specified annual 100-mile footraces in the U.S.
  • Grand Slam (shinty) (from 1947), one club winning four specific annual shinty trophies
  • Explorers Grand Slam or Adventurers Grand Slam, one person reaching the North Pole, the South Pole, and all of the Seven Summits during an adventuring career, first completed in 1998
  • Grand Slam (Fly-Fishing Caribbean), one angler catching a bonefish, tarpon, and permit during one day of Caribbean fly-fishing; one of four three-species Inshore Grand Slams defined by the International Game Fish Association


Personal Achievements[edit]


  • Operation Grand Slam, a plan to steal the U.S. gold reserves from Fort Knox in the 1959 James Bond novel Goldfinger by Ian Fleming

Film and television[edit]


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  • Grand Slam breakfast, a dish at Denny's restaurants