Grand Theft Auto: The Soundtrack

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Grand Theft Auto: The Soundtrack
Soundtrack album to Grand Theft Auto
Released 1997 (1997)
Genre Video game music, techno, pop, rock, funk, hip hop, trance, country
Length 59:40
Label DMA Design
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Grand Theft Auto: The Soundtrack
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Grand Theft Auto: The Soundtrack is the official soundtrack album to the 1997 video game Grand Theft Auto. Released in 1997 by DMA Design (now known as Rockstar North), the album features all the music from all seven of the game's fictional radio stations, as well as the game's title music, all of which was composed by Colin Anderson, Craig Conner and Grant Middleton.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Colin Anderson, Craig Conner and Grant Middleton. 

No. Title Length
1. "The Fix FM"   7:33
2. "Head Radio FM"   9:39
3. "Radio 76 (On 197.6 FM)"   9:43
4. "N-CT FM"   7:27
5. "Brooklyn Underground 77.7"   8:47
6. "It's Unleashed on 93.5 FM"   11:01
7. "The Fergus Buckner Show"   3:13
8. "Title Music"   2:17
Total length:

Radio stations[edit]

The Fix FM[edit]

Genre: Techno

  • Animal Testing Centre - "DSP" (C. Conner)
  • Rotorman - "Ride" (C. Conner)
  • Technophiliak - "Lagerstar" (G. Middleton)

Head Radio FM[edit]

Genre: Electronic rock/Pop

  • Reality Bubble - "Days Like These" (C. Conner)
  • Meme Traders - "Automatic Transmission" (G. Middleton)
  • Ohjaamo - "Complications" (C. Conner)

Radio 76 (On 197.6 FM)[edit]

Genre: Funk/Retro (This radio station's name is referred to in-game as Funk FM.)

  • Ghetto Fingers - "On The Move" (Colin Anderson)
  • Ashtar - "Aori" (C. Anderson)
  • Stylus Exodus - "Pootang Shebang" (C. Anderson)

N-CT FM[edit]

Genre: Hip hop/Rap

  • Da Shootaz - "Grand Theft Auto" (Craig Conner/Robert DeNegro)
  • Slumpussy - "This Life" (C. Conner/Robert DeNegro)
  • CCC Featuring Robert DeNegro - "Blow Your Console" (C. Conner/R. DeNegro)

Brooklyn Underground 77.7[edit]

Genre: Trance, Techno, Jungle

  • Retrograde - "Benzoate" (C. Conner)
  • Government Listening Post - "E104" (C. Conner)
  • Trancefer - "Figiwhiz" (C. Conner)

It's Unleashed on 93.5 FM[edit]

Genre: Speed Metal/Dance-rock

  • Stikki Fingers - "4 Letter Love" (C. Anderson/B. Baglow)
  • The Hounds - "Let It Out" (C. Conner)
  • Bleeding Stump - "Just Do It" (C. Anderson)

The Fergus Buckner Show[edit]

Genre: Country

  • Sideways Hank O'Malley (and The Alabama Bottle Boys) - "The Ballad Of Chapped Lip Calhoun" (C. Anderson/B. Baglow)