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Grand and General Council
Consiglio Grande e Generale
Coat of arms or logo
Lorella Stefanelli
Nicola Renzi
Since 1 October 2015
Seats 60
Current Structure of the Sammarinese Parliament
Political groups

Government (35)

     Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party (21)
     Party of Socialists and Democrats (10)
     Popular Alliance (4)

Opposition (25)

     Socialist Party (7)
     Union for the Republic (5)
     United Left (5)
     Civic10 (4)
     RETE Movement (4)
Last election
11 November 2012
Meeting place
Chamber of the Grand and General Council of San Marino.JPG
Palazzo Pubblico
San Marino, San Marino
Grand and General Council
Coat of arms of San Marino.svg
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The Grand and General Council (Italian: Consiglio Grande e Generale) is the parliament of San Marino. The council has 60 members elected for a five-year term.

The electoral law was based on proportional representation from 1945 to 2007. Since then, it is based on the electoral system of Italian municipalities. A majority of at least 35 seats is given to the winning coalition of parties which receives an absolute majority of votes at the first or the eventual second round of elections. Within single coalitions, seats are divided between the parties using a D'Hondt system. A 3.5% threshold exists, together with guarantees for female candidates.

The Council appoints from among its members the Congress of State, which is the executive branch of the government, and the Captains Regents, who serve as the heads of state.

The Council is the equivalent of the Roman Senate during the Roman Republic.

Latest elections[edit]

Summary of the November 11, 2012, Grand and General Council of San Marino election results.

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Total San Marino Common Good 10,028 50.70 35
Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party - We Sammarinese 5,828 29.47 21
Party of Socialists and Democrats 2,832 14.32 10
Popular Alliance 1,319 6.67 4 –3
Direct votes for the coalition 49 0.25
Total Agreement for the Country 4,407 22.28 12
Socialist Party 2,393 12.10 7 New
Union for the Republic 1,651 8.35 5 New
Sammarinese Moderates 340 1.72 0 –2
Direct votes for the coalition 23 0.12
Total Active Citizenship 3,179 16.07 9
United Left 1,808 9.14 5 0
Civic10 1,325 6.70 4 New
Direct votes for the coalition 46 0.23
Total Others 2,164 10.94 4
RETE Movement 1,244 6.29 4 New
For San Marino 556 2.81 0 New
San Marino 3.0 364 1.84 0 New
Invalid/blank votes 1,360
Total 21,138 100 60 0
Registered voters/turnout 33,106 63.85
Source: San Marino State Secretary of Internal Affairs

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