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The grand contournement de Paris (French for "big Paris bypass") is the fourth ring road around Paris, enclosing the three other ring roads (Périphérique, the A86, and the Francilienne). Grand contournement is made up of several sections of other motorways ranging from 80 to 200 km distance from Paris.

Originally planned to be completed in 2006 the ring road currently stretches in a clockwise direction for 826 km from Bourges to Troyes. A section of A26 between Troyes and Auxerre is not currently a high priority project and progress is envisaged only well after 2020 [1] while no schedule exists for the remaining section of A26 between Auxerre and Bourges which is not programmed for construction at all.

The second solution has a length of nearly 1115 km and the tolls cost €67.80 as of 1 October 2011.

Northern Part[edit]

Southern Part[edit]


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