Grande École (film)

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Grande école
Directed by Robert Salis
Produced by Humbert Balsan
Written by

Robert Salis,
Jean-Marie Besset

based on Jean-Marie besset's play The Best of Schools
Starring Gregori Baquet
Alice Taglioni
Jocelyn Quivrin
Salim Kechiouche
Elodie Navarre
Éva Darlan
Yasmine Belmadi
Distributed by Pyramide (France)
Release date
4 February 2004
Running time
110 minutes
Country France
Language French
Box office $310.000[1]

Grande École (2004) is a French film, directed by Robert Salis.


Paul is an upper-class young man who is about to start at a grande école, one of the system of mostly public colleges to which students are admitted based on a highly competitive process and whose graduates often gain prestigious employment. He has chosen to live with two new roommates instead of his girlfriend Agnès.

As a result, with his studies, he has little time to see her. Agnès perceives cracks in their relationship when she suspects Paul's attraction to one of his new roommates, the aristocratic Louis-Arnault. Paul denies any homosexual attraction, but Agnès decides to make a bet with him: whichever of them beds Louis-Arnault first, wins. If she does, Paul must stop exploring his sexuality; if he does, she will leave him.

Before the bet plays out, Paul meets Mécir, a young Arab worker, who becomes besotted with him. With Mécir, Paul goes on a journey of discovery that changes many of his ideas about class, cultural differences and sexuality.


  • Gregori Baquet ... Paul
  • Alice Taglioni ... Agnès
  • Jocelyn Quivrin ... Louis-Arnault
  • Élodie Navarre ... Emeline
  • Arthur Jugnot ... Chouquet
  • Salim Kechiouche ... Mécir
  • Éva Darlan ... Mrs Chouquet
  • Lakshantha Abenayake ... Jailed journalist
  • Yasmine Belmadi ... Worker flashback
  • Jacques Collard ... Invitee
  • Jo Prestia ... Head of workshop
  • Jamal Hadir ... Mécir's brother
  • Gilbert Desveaux ... An instructor
  • Arnaud Binard ... Water-polo trainer
  • Adan Jodorowsky ... Student start-up (as Adam Jodorowsky)
  • Jean-Michel Cannone ... Paul's father
  • Hanifa Mizi-Alloua ... Mécir's mother
  • Eva Saint-Paul ... Louis-Arnault's mother
  • Jean-Loup Wolff ... Louis-Arnault's father
  • Eric Seigne ... Chaplain
  • Pierre Aussedat ... School principal



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