Grandtully rapids

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Grandtully rapids on the River Tay is a site for canoeing and rafting in Scotland.

Grandtully rapids is made of top falls,the middle rapids, boat breaker (clue in the name) and fourth falls.

There is a nearby campsite, a converted train goods yard, owned by the Scottish Canoe Association. The forestry commission have an access point a few miles upstream giving a good entry for Whitewater Racing. The banks of the river at the rapid site were owned by Lyle Estates (of Tate and Lyle) and are now owned by a former employee of that company who allows slalom gates to be kept permanently.

The new Jack Cuthill Building on the campsite, built in 2003, offers toilets, changing rooms, showers and a meeting room.

Coordinates: 56°39′30″N 3°46′35″W / 56.6583°N 3.7764°W / 56.6583; -3.7764