Grange Farm Arboretum

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Coordinates: 51°44′52″N 0°02′48″E / 51.7478°N 0.0467°E / 51.7478; 0.0467

The Grange Farm Arboretum [1] is a small private arboretum comprising 3 hectares accommodating over 800 trees, mostly native and ornamental species or cultivars, notably oaks, ashes, walnuts and elms, growing on a calcareous loam. [1]

The arboretum is located in the village of Sutton St James, Lincolnshire, England, and was founded by Mr Matthew Ellis in 1987. The arboretum is open to visitors by appointment.


Grange Farm, 38 Fishergate Road, Sutton St James, Spalding, PE12 0EZ. Telephone: (01945) 440240


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