Grange Road, Cambridge

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The George Thomson Building and Leckhampton House, on Grange Road.
Elmside House, Clare Hall, on Herschel Road just off Grange Road.
Tyndale House, a theological library, in Selwyn Gardens off the southern end of Grange Road.

Grange Road is a long straight road in western Cambridge, England.[1][2] It stretches north–south, meeting Madingley Road (A1303) at a T-junction to the north and Barton Road (A603) to the south.

There are a number of University of Cambridge colleges on or just off Grange Road:

Other college buildings/facilities on Grange Road include:

St John's College School, associated with St John's College, is located on Grange Road. King's College School, associated with King's College, is in West Road, just off Grange Road.

The Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club is on Grange Road.[3] The Cambridge University Real Tennis Club is also located here near Burrell's Walk.[4]

The Cambridge University Library is south of Burrell's Walk and north of King's College School, close to Grange Road. Tyndale House, an independent theological library dedicated to biblical studies, is located in Selwyn Gardens off the southern end of Grange Road to the west.

The road is almost exactly one mile long and dead straight. It has one kink, around what was a Cambridge fellow's billiards room when the road was built.


Coordinates: 52°12′14″N 0°06′21″E / 52.204°N 0.1057°E / 52.204; 0.1057