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Grania Davis.

Grania Davis (July 17, 1943 - April 28, 2017) was an American author and editor of science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories.[1] She was the primary editor of the posthumously published work of her former husband, Avram Davidson. Her short stories have appeared in various genre magazines, anthologies, and "best of" collections.[2] The Boss in the Wall (1998, Tachyon Publications with Avram Davidson) was nominated for a Nebula Award in the Best Novella category.[3]

She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and grew up in Hollywood, California.[4] She lived in San Rafael, California for many years. She died on April 28, 2017.[1]


As author[edit]

  • Proud Peacock and the Mallard (1976)
  • Doctor Grass (1978)
  • The Rainbow Annals (1980)
  • The Great Perpendicular Path(1980)
  • Moonbird (1986)
  • Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty (with Avram Davidson, 1998)
  • The Boss in the Wall: A Treatise on the House Devil (with Avram Davidson, 1998)
  • Tree of Life, Book of Death: The Treasures of Grania Davis (short story collection, 2013)

As editor[edit]

  • The Scarlet Fig: Or Slowly Through a Land of Stone (co-editor, with Henry Wessells, 2005)
  • The Avram Davidson Treasury (co-editor, with Robert Silverberg, 1998)
  • The Investigations of Avram Davidson (co-editor, with Richard A. Lupoff, 1999)
  • Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven: Essential Jewish Tales of the Spirit (co-editor, with Jack Dann, 2000)
  • The Other 19th Century (co-editor, with Henry Wessells, 2001)
  • ¡Limekiller! (co-editor, with Henry Wessells, 2003)
  • Speculative Japan (co-editor, with Gene Van Troyer, 2007)


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