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Granicus was a band from the early 1970s that played a style of hard rock similar to Led Zeppelin. Granicus played along with Bob Seger, Cactus, Spirit, Bloodrock, and The 42nd Street Harlots at several different venues throughout the early 70's.

Granicus hailed from Cleveland, Ohio, and were signed to RCA in 1973. They released a single, self-titled album before calling it quits.

There were rumors that the band recorded a second album that was never released. It appears that was true with the release of Thieves, Liars and Traitors, produced by band members Dale Bedford, Joe Battaglia, Al Pinell and Gregg Ream.

All the original members are on board for the new release except Wayne Anderson who has left the music field for other interests. Wayne did play on the Thieves, Liars and Traitors release.

Artie Cashin who did some work on the Thieves Liars and Traitors CD, has replaced Anderson. He has a style very similar to that of Wayne and the band is excited to have him.

Woody Leffel is still handing the vocals, and as strong as ever. Al Pinell's wild rhythm guitar continue's to drive the beat. The rhythm section of Dale Bedford on bass and Joe Battaglia on drums provide the constant and unmistakable "Granicus Sound". Artie Cashin has joined as lead guitarist and takes up where Anderson left off without skipping a beat.

During the Fall of 2010, Granicus reformed and released the album Thieves, Liars, & Traitors. It can be purchased at or at CD Baby.

The band is currently working on new material for a third and yet untitled release. Visit the website and let them know that you would love to hear new material. Check out the vintage Granicus tee shirts on the web.

The Players are:

  • Woody Leffel - Vocals, guitars, harmonica
  • Wayne Anderson - Lead guitar Granicus and Thieves Liars and Traitors
  • Allen Pinell - Rhythm guitar
  • Dale Bedford - Bass
  • Joe Battaglia - Drums and percussion
  • Artie Cashin Lead Guitar

Guest artist on Thieves Liars and Traitors - Artie Cashin on Lead Guitar

Gregg Ream - Management, Production, Lights and Sound

Bill Kral - Lights and Sound

Tracklisting for Granicus (1973/self-titled):

  1. You're In America
  2. Bad Talk
  3. Twilight
  4. Prayer
  5. Cleveland Ohio
  6. Nightmare
  7. When You're Movin'
  8. Paradise

Track Listing for Thieves Liars and Traitors (2010):

  1. Thieves Liars and traitors
  2. Space in Time
  3. Equator
  4. I'm Not Sick
  5. Hollywood Star
  6. . Wizard of Was
  7. Taste of Love
  8. Slings and Arrows
  9. When you're movin, back seat of my car Jam Live!