Granite Chief

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Granite Chief
Granite Chief winter.jpg
Granite Chief as seen from Squaw Valley Ski Resort
Highest point
Elevation9,010 ft (2,746 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence1,846 ft (563 m) [2]
ListingSierra Peaks Section[3]
Coordinates39°11′54″N 120°17′13″W / 39.198275175°N 120.287077669°W / 39.198275175; -120.287077669Coordinates: 39°11′54″N 120°17′13″W / 39.198275175°N 120.287077669°W / 39.198275175; -120.287077669[1]
Granite Chief is located in California
Granite Chief
Granite Chief
LocationPlacer County, California, U.S.
Parent rangeSierra Nevada
Topo mapUSGS Granite Chief

Granite Chief is a mountain located in the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe. The mountain rises to an elevation of 9,010 feet (2,746 m) and receives consistent heavy snowfall during the winter months.[4]

The summit is the highest point in the Granite Chief Wilderness[2] and marks the northwestern boundary of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.[5]


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