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Granity is located in New Zealand
Coordinates: 41°37′47″S 171°51′13″E / 41.62972°S 171.85361°E / -41.62972; 171.85361
CountryNew Zealand
RegionWest Coast
DistrictBuller District
 • Total237

Granity is a small town on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, 28 kilometres (17 mi) north-east of Westport on State Highway 67. Karamea is 68 kilometres (42 mi) further north.[1][2]

Squeezed between the often-tempestuous Tasman Sea to the west and steep forested cloud-shrouded mountains to the immediate east, the town is the largest in this sparsely populated part of New Zealand. Long known as a coal-mining town, the population has declined as the industry has waned. The population was 237 in the 2013 census, an increase of 18 from 2006.[3] Several neighbouring towns, such as Denniston, have become virtually ghost towns.

The name "Granity" was given to the town by gold prospectors, in reference to the large quantity of granite in the area.[4]


Granity School is a co-educational full primary school (years 1–8), with a decile rating of 4 and a roll of 47.[5] The natural erosion of the beach, at a rate of 40 centimetres (16 in) per year, is threatening the school buildings, and a stopbank has resulted in the school grounds protruding further out onto the beach than adjoining properties.[6]


The very rare and critically endangered cobble skink is only known to occur on a short stretch of cobbled coast at Granity.[7]



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