Granja Comary

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Coordinates: 22°27′08″S 42°58′45″W / 22.452155°S 42.979092°W / -22.452155; -42.979092

Granja Comary
Established 1965
Location Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Granja Comary is a neighborhood in the Brazilian city of Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro state.[1]

The city is famous for the location of the Granja Comary Football Complex which headquarters the Brazil national football team and the Brazilian Football Confederation. The other tourist attraction is the Comary Lake (Lago Comary).[1] Clube Comary, located next to the Brazilian Football Confederation's training center,[2] is a multisports club located in the neighborhood.[3] It was founded on July 6, 1968.[3]


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