Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

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Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty
Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty poster.jpg
Directed byNicky Phelan
Produced byDarragh O'Connell
Written byKathleen O'Rourke
StarringKathleen O'Rourke
Release date
  • 2008 (2008)
Running time
6 minutes

Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty is a six-minute-long CG/flash animated socially satirical black comedy short film written by Kathleen O'Rourke, directed by Nicky Phelan and produced by Darragh O'Connell of Brown Bag Films in 2008. The plot centers on Granny O'Grimm, a seemingly sweet old lady, who loses the plotline as she tells her own version of Sleeping Beauty to her terrified granddaughter.


Granny O'Grimm started life as a character in a sketch in Kathleen O'Rourke's comedy show created by John Walsh and Kathleen. Director Nicky Phelan saw Granny O'Grimm's potential as an animated character and, with Brown Bag Films, production began in 2008. Kathleen O'Rourke reprised her role to voice the character in the short film. The film received funding from the Irish Film Board, RTÉ and the Arts Council through the ‘Frameworks’ scheme. It has received 11 national and international awards including the Newport Beach Film Festival (Outstanding Achievement in Short Films), Cinegael Montreal (Audience Award, Best Short) and the Heart of Gold Film Festival, Australia (Best Comedy).[1][2]

Awards and nominations[edit]

In January 2010, the film's Director, Nicky Phelan and Producer Darragh O'Connell were nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 82nd Academy Awards.[3] It was also included in the Animation Show of Shows.


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