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Grans Brewery with a REMA 1000 store in front.

The Grans Brewery (Grans Bryggeri AS) is a brewery founded in 1899 in Sandefjord, Norway. The bane was Sandefjord Bryggeri og Mineralvandfabrik A/S until 1965. After two generations of Guttorm Gran (senior and junior) in the management, Trygve Christophersen was employed as CEO in 2001.[1][2]

The brewery was not a member of Norwegian Brewers & Soft Drank Association from 1965 to 1996.


  • Owners are Guttorm Gran Jr. and Reitangruppen (50% each)
  • 57 employees (2005)
  • Approximately 18 million liters beer and 18 million liters soft drinks produced in 2004
  • Turnover 151 million NOK (2004)
  • Distribution deal with the store chain REMA 1000


Guttorm Gran took over Sandefjord’s brewery in 1949. When Gran resigned the brewery association in 1965, the brewery went its own way, and became hugely popular. Soda brands and beer variations from Grans Brewery are now found throughout the Oslo Fjord region.[3]


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