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Grant David Callin
Born 1941
Pen name Flash Richardson
Grant D. Callin
Grant Callin
Occupation Research analyst
Genre Hard science fiction

Grant David Callin (born 1941[1]) is part of the hard science fiction stream of authors.[2] He sometimes goes by the pseudonym Flash Richardson.

Callin graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1963, and retired from the service in 1984. He holds a bachelor's degree in basic sciences, and advanced degrees in space physics, physiology and biophysics. An amateur astronomer, he built his own 8-inch (200 mm) telescope and does some astrophotography.[2]

As of 1986, he worked for Boeing Aerospace Company as a research analyst, involved with the work on the NASA Space Station Program.[2] He is currently in retirement in Sammamish, WA.



Short fiction[edit]

  • The Turtle and O'Hare (1982)
  • Deborah's Children (1983)
  • Saturn Alia (1984) - the short story upon which the novel was based.
  • The Carhart Shale (1993)


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