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Grant Mattos
Date of birth (1981-03-12) March 12, 1981 (age 35)
Place of birth Mountain View, California
Career information
Status Retired
Position(s) WR
Height 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Weight 220 lb (100 kg)
College Southern California
Career history
As player
2003–2004 San Diego Chargers
2005 Denver Broncos
2006 Tennessee Titans
Career stats

Grant Logan Mattos (born March 12, 1981) is known as a former NFL wide receiver and special teams player who played for three different teams over a four-year career, and a contestant on Survivor: Redemption Island.

High school and college career[edit]

Mattos went to Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California. He then played college football at the University of Southern California after transferring from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California and graduated in 2003.[1][2] In 2003 he was part of the teams Orange Bowl Triumph.[3][4][5]

NFL career[edit]

After college, Mattos played for the San Diego Chargers.[6] He would earn a spot on the Chargers roster in 2003 with his impressive performances in training camp, despite having not even been initially recruited by a major college.[7] He would last two years with the Chargers, and four years in the League overall, also being signed by the Denver Broncos, and later the Tennessee Titans. Knee problems would limit his effectiveness and chances of game action in later years.[8][9]


Grant appeared on Survivor: Redemption Island, the 22nd season of the reality TV show Survivor. On the Ometepe tribe, Grant quickly formed a close friendship and strong alliance with eventual winner Rob Mariano. He would be part of the majority alliance of 6 formed early with Rob Mariano, Ashley Underwood, Matthew Elrod/Wyatt Nash, Andrea Boehlke, and Natalie Tenerelli; with Phillip Sheppard then replacing Matthew Elrod in the alliance of 6 after Matthew's Day 5 blindside. He also established himself as perhaps the physically strongest person in the game, dominating the early challenges to help Ometepe hit the merge with the numbers advantage over the opposing Zapatera tribe. When the tribes merged, the former Ometepe members used their majority to systematically eliminate those outside their alliance. Grant was nearly voted out in the first tribal after the merge, but survived 6 votes to 5 against Matt Elrod, fooling Matt to vote for proposed target Steve.[10] On Day 35 after intended target Ashley Underwood won the Immunity/Reward Challenge, Grant was blindsided and voted out, as he was deemed by Rob and the other tribe mates to be the largest threat to win the jury's vote at the end. Rob would be the deciding vote to eliminate Grant, electing to vote him out instead of Natalie Tenerelli, another close ally, but one considered far less of a jury or challenge threat.[11] Grant was then officially eliminated by coming last in the final Redemption Island duel, behind all of Andrea Boehlke, Mike Chiesl, and Matt Elrod, dropping his final finish in the game down to 8th. He was very upset by Rob's choice to vote him out, to the point where he has refused to make amends with Rob, even after the game ended.[12][13] According to a December 2015 interview with fellow castaway Natalie Tenerelli, the two are still not talking to this day.[14]

Personal life[edit]

During the Survivor: Redemption Island reunion, Mattos confirmed that following his return from competing in the game, he married actress Christina Cox. They now have one daughter named Flynn, born sometime in December 2013.[15]

Before and in the years after Survivor, Mattos worked as full-time yoga instructor at City Yoga LA.[16][17] He then became a yoga instructor at Moda Yoga International in Los Angeles, California from mid 2013 onwards,[18] until April 2015, when he moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[19] He moved to New York City in September 2015 and works at Moda Yoga NYC.[20]

He also joined Team Gleason,[21] a team that is headed by his friend and ex NFL player and ALS sufferer Steve Gleason. In February and March he ran a fundraising campaign for the Steve Gleason team, which was one of many efforts by various team members to raise awareness and money to help research for the ALS disease, and also medical care for the many who suffer with it.[22] As the climax of the campaign Grant participated in the 10 km fundraising run in New Orleans on March 26, 2016.

He has 3 siblings. An older brother Derek,[23][24] older sister Adrienne,[25] and younger brother Zac[26][27] He also has a brother-in-law named Stephen[28] and sister-in-law named Katy.


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