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The signage at the Grant Road railway station on the Western Railway Line

Grant Road (named after Sir Robert Grant, the Governor of Bombay between 1835 and 1839) is a locality in South Mumbai. Grant Road railway station serves this area.

Grant Road along with Tardeo and Mumbai Central have been a neighbourhood of Mumbai City dominated by the Jains, Muslims and the Parsi & Irani Zoroastrians. It is considered as the place of ancestral roots of the originating Zoroastrians of the city mainly being the areas of Balaram Street and Sleater Road. It has 4 Fire temples[1] and The Cama Baug[2] is an important place for the Wedding Ceremonies and other functions of the Parsis of Mumbai.

Cama baug Fire Temple

Grant Road is the fourth station on the Western local line preceded by Churchgate, Marine Lines, Charni Road, and followed by a main junction, Mumbai Central. Most slow trains halt at this station, which is useful for people who want to reach Opera House, Nana Chowk, Lamington Road and the Roxy theatre.

The above pictures are of the Cama Baug Grounds.

Navjivan Society is amongst the Oldest housing societies in Mumbai.

Navjivan Society

The Gilder Tank is one of the oldest tanks in the city originating the roots of Yazdani, Cooper and the Gilder Families of Mumbai. B'Merwan Cake Shop and Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in the City of Mumbai which has catered to nearly all classes of people from students and mill workers which is now scheduled to close on March 14, 2014 leaving a great loss to the Bombay Parsi Heritage.[3][4][5] Grant Road is famous for its electronic items purchase at Lamington Road. The Hurkissundas Hospital is in redevelopment and is one of the most important and oldest hospitals in the city of Mumbai. It is also an access point to the Tower of Silence at Kemps Corner which is the only remaining one after the closure of the dakhma at Andheri's Salsette Parsi Colony on the Salsette Island and even the Wilson College, Bhavans Somani and B.M. Ruia Women's College's and also to the oldest Red light district of the city i.e. Kamathipura.

The Given Pictures below are of the Hurkissanos Hospital, the Minerva Cinema, the B.Merwan Irani Cafe and the Sethna Fire Temple.

Hurkissandos Hospital
Minerva Cinema
B.Merwan Bakey
Sethna Agiary

It is also the nearest access to the Girgaum Chowpaty Beach being a tourist attraction for the city. Grant Road is among the most ancestral locality of Mumbai which is still intact. The oldest schools in the area are The Girton High School and The Ruttonbai Dorabjee Pandey Girls High School.

The Tower of Silence {Doongerwadi} at Kemps Corner

It is among the access points towards the residential areas of Gamdevi and Walkeshwar, Gowalia Tank

Gowalia Tank where the Quit India Movement took place

Grant Road had a number of Theatres until 2004 namely the Novelty Cinema {which is now into construction of Novelty Apartments}, Super Cinema, Apsara, Jamuna, Minerva, Royal Talkies, New Roshan Talkies, Nishat Cinema, Imperial Cinema, Alfred Theatre and Shalimar Cinema[6] which were once an upon a time filled with viewers for their great blockbuster Bollywood Films.[7][8]

The Zoroastrian Shoppe near Cama Baug and the Appo Menes and Company are one of the oldest surviving Zoroastrian shops of the city which caters to the traditional weaving of Sudreh Kasti and other religious items to the Zoroastrian Community of the Bombay City.[9]

The Grant Road Skywalk is the latest and the most iconic addition to the skywalks of Mumbai due to its Round Architecture.

Lamington Road-the most busiest and famous Electronic Street of the city of Bombay
Grant Roadf Skywalk is the latest addition to the suburb and an iconic one in the city of Bombay

Grant Road is also for its Irani Cafe's like the B'Merwan and the Persian Bakery & Stores at Balaram Street. There once used to be a Persian Restaurant thronged by patrons throughout the day. The Sheetal Store on Malauna Shaukatali Road is the one of the oldest surviving saree store in this area.