Granville, British Columbia

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Granville, British Columbia
Motto: None
Granville, British Columbia is located in British Columbia
Granville, British Columbia
Granville, British Columbia
Location in British Columbia
Coordinates: 49°15′N 123°6′W / 49.250°N 123.100°W / 49.250; -123.100Coordinates: 49°15′N 123°6′W / 49.250°N 123.100°W / 49.250; -123.100
Country  Canada
Province  British Columbia
Incorporated 1800s
Renamed As Vancouver 1886
Time zone PST (UTC−8)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC−7)
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History of Vancouver
Granville (1800s–1886)
Gastown (1867–1886)
City of Vancouver (1886-present)
Great Vancouver Fire 1886
Komagata Maru incident 1914
General strike 1918
Battle of Ballantyne Pier 1935
Bloody Sunday 1938
Gastown Riots 1971
Expo 86 1986
First Stanley Cup riot 1994
Winter Olympics 2010
Second Stanley Cup riot 2011
Timeline of Vancouver history
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Granville was the name for Vancouver, British Columbia until 1886. The townsite included the earlier settlement of Gastown.


The area was first known as Gastown, a settlement around the original makeshift tavern established by "Gassy" Jack Deighton in 1867 just west of the Hastings Mill property.[1][2] Expanding quickly, in 1870[3] the colonial government surveyed the settlement, laid out a townsite, and renamed it "Granville" in honour of the then-British Secretary of State for the Colonies, Lord Granville. This site, with its natural harbour, was selected in 1884[4] as the terminus for the railroad, renamed Vancouver, and incorporated as a city in 1886.

The name Granville survives in the city of Vancouver as Granville Street, Granville Mall, Granville Entertainment District, Granville Street Bridge, Granville Station of the Expo Line, Granville Island, and Vancouver Granville electoral district

Nearby Settlements[edit]


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