Granville Mall, Vancouver

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Not to be confused with Granville Island, a shopping district a few kilometres away.
Granville Mall
A trolleybus on the Granville Mall (2003)
Canada Line construction at Granville Mall (2008)

Granville Mall is a transit mall and pedestrian mall in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It comprises the section of Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver between Hastings and Smithe streets. The mall is served on weekdays by trolleybus service operated by TransLink;[1] in addition, the SkyTrain's Granville and Vancouver City Centre stations are also accessible from the mall.


The idea of closing off a section of Granville Street to automobile traffic arose after the city withdrew its freeway plan in 1968 due to community opposition. The city concluded that automobile use within downtown should be restricted in order to avoid overloading the area's street network, and subsequently designated the section of Granville between Hastings and Nelson streets a pedestrian and transit mall in 1974.[2]

The Downtown Vancouver Association sought to re-open Granville between Nelson and Georgia streets to general traffic, and the city proceeded with that proposal in 1987 on a trial basis. The trial was declared unsuccessful and cancelled the following year,[3] although the city did re-open one block between Nelson and Smithe streets to general traffic in 1989, widening the section to four lanes.[2]

Effective April 24, 2006, the mall between Robson Street and Hastings Street was closed to all traffic, including transit buses, to allow construction of the Canada Line subway and Vancouver City Centre Station. During this closure, buses were re-routed to Seymour Street (northbound), Howe Street (southbound, routes crossing the Granville Street Bridge), and Richards Street (southbound, routes within downtown). As part of this construction, the 800, 600, and 500 blocks of Granville (between Smithe and Robson, and then again between Georgia and Pender) were open to all traffic, northbound, including on-street metered parking.

Before its closure, the Granville Mall was used by over 1,900 buses (90% electric trolleybuses) and 47,500+ transit riders on weekdays. Following studies and consultations, Vancouver City Council decided in the spring of 2006 to carry out a redesign of the mall after completion of the Canada Line subway under the street. Weekday trolleybus service on the mall resumed in September 2010; the buses continue to use Howe and Seymour streets on weekends and holidays.[1]

Entertainment District[edit]

In addition to transit, Granville Mall is also a popular entertainment and retail district. Scores of bars, dance clubs, restaurants, hotels, and shops with neon lights and urban gritty vibe are open until late into the night. The area was created by city zoning policies, concentrating club operations which had previously been scattered through the downtown peninsula, especially Yaletown.


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