Grape Street Watts Crips (gang)

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Grape Street Watts Crips
Founding location Watts, Los Angeles, California, United States
Years active 1970s - present
Ethnicity African Americans
Membership (est.) 11,000
Criminal activities Drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, burglary, identification theft, car theft
Rivals Bounty Hunter Bloods, PJ Watts Crips, East Coast Crips

The Eastside Grape Street Watts Crips (known by the acronyms JDC, GST, WBLC, and GSW) is an African-American Crips subset based in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. Their also known of being the first original Crip set in Watts. The gang is partially located in the Jordan Downs Housing Project, and was named after a north-south street in Watts near 103rd street.[citation needed]. The gang's rivalry with the Bounty Hunter Bloods has been described as being "the most violent and long lasting feud between two gangs that are in the Watts area."[1]


Since the Jordan Downs Community was built it was predominantly Blacks. In the 1950s and 1960s an early club known as "The Farmers” from Watts was based in Jordan Downs. During the 1970s, the gang's neighborhood originally contained a Mexican-American and African-American gang called Watts Varrio Grape (WVG). When the Mexican gangs in Los Angeles had started to align themselves under the wing of Sureños, the Mexican members started the Watts Varrio Grape Street 13 gang. The African-American members established the Eastside Watts Varrio Grape gang. In 1986-87, the gang became known as the Eastside Grape Street Watts Baby Loc Crips (Baby Loc Crips for short).[2][dubious ]

After 1987, all African-American members from the Jordan Downs Housing Projects were known as members of the Watts Baby Loc Crips gang.[2]

Brandon "BL" Bullard, a veteran member of the Grape Street Watts Crips was murdered by the East Coast Crips. The murder of Bullard sparked a war that resulted in 26 wounded and 9 dead.[3]

Territory and factions[edit]

The gang is primarily located in the "103 two-story shotgun-style buildings" that had describe the Jordan Downs Housing Projects. The buildings are separated by numbers, and bounded by 97th Street to North. 103rd Street South. Grape Street to West and Jordan High School and Alameda Blvd to East.The Grape Street Watts Crips have been described as a dominating force within the complex who first called it by its original Crip name, Jordan Downs Crips. There entire neighborhood stretch from 92nd Street to North, Alameda Blvd to East, 107th Street to South, and Wilmington Avenue to West.[3] The gang's factions are known as the following: Baby Locs, Peda Roll Mafia, Peta Roll Squad, Peta Roc Squad, Peta Loc Squad, Parolee Squad, 91st BabyLocs, 95th "95ive", 97th "Bandera Blocc 97",103rd, 105th, 107th, 112nd Blocc, Anzac, Dust Town Hoggs, East Side Kids, Real Boss Playas, Ten Tray Ballas, BlueGates Baby Locs and Scavvy Squad, Whoo Kidz, and 404 to name a few.

Media appearances[edit]

Members of the Grape Street Watts Crips have appeared in the documentary Crips and Bloods: Made in America, directed by Stacy Peralta.[4] Members have also been interviewed in Gangland on the History Channel.


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