Grapevine Mountains

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Grapevine Mountains
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Grapevine Mountains
Highest point
Peak Grapevine Peak
Elevation 2,664 m (8,740 ft)
Grapevine Mountains is located in California
Grapevine Mountains
Location of Grapevine Mountains along the border of California and Nevada [1]
Country United States
State California and Nevada
District Inyo County and Nye County
Range coordinates 36°57′55″N 117°08′57″W / 36.9652°N 117.1492°W / 36.9652; -117.1492Coordinates: 36°57′55″N 117°08′57″W / 36.9652°N 117.1492°W / 36.9652; -117.1492
Topo map USGS Grapevine Peak

The Grapevine Mountains are a mountain range located along the border of Inyo County, California and Nye County, Nevada in the United States. The mountain range is about 22 miles (35 km) long and lies in a northwest-southeasterly direction along the Nevada-California state line. The range reaches an elevation of 8,738 feet (2,663 m) at Grapevine Peak, near Phinney Canyon on the Nevada side. Daylight Pass is at the southern end of the range. Most of the Grapevine Mountain chain is in Death Valley National Park.


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