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GraphPad Prism
Developer(s) GraphPad Software, Inc.
Stable release 6.02/6.0c
Operating system Mac OS X and Windows
Type Scientific graphing, statistics and nonlinear regression (curve fitting)
License Proprietary

GraphPad Prism is a commercial scientific 2D graphing and statistics software published by GraphPad Software, Inc., a privately held California corporation. Prism is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers.


  • Provides statistical guidance for novices.
  • Analysis checklists review if an appropriate analysis was performed.
  • Nonlinear regression with many options (remove outliers, compare models, compare curves, interpolate standard curves, etc.).
  • Live links. When data are edited or replaced, Prism automatically updates the results and graphs.
  • Analysis choices can be reviewed, and changed, at any time.
  • Automatic error bars. Raw data (replicates) can be entered, and then plotted as mean with SD, SEM or confidence interval.

GraphPad Software Inc. also publishes the commercial software GraphPad InStat and GraphPad StatMate, and the free web-based QuickCalcs.

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