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Animazione debito pubblico disoccupazione ricerca(small).gif
3D visualization with Grapheur
Developer(s) Reactive Search srl
Stable release
2.1.33 / June 16, 2014; 2 years ago (2014-06-16)
Operating system Windows , Mac OS X, Unix
Available in English
Type Technical computing
License Proprietary software

Grapheur is a data mining, modeling, optimization and interactive visualization package implementing the "Learning and Intelligent Optimization" (LION)[1] and LIONsolver approach.[2]


Grapheur originates from research principles in Reactive Search Optimization[3][4] advocating the use of self-tuning schemes acting while a software system is running.

Version 2.1.33 of the software was released on June 16, 2014. With version 2.1, Grapheur includes business intelligence, Interactive visualization, modeling, optimization.

The software architecture of Grapheur 2.1[5] permits interactive multi-objective optimization, with a user interface for visualizing the results and facilitating the solution analysis and decision making process. The architecture allows for problem-specific extensions, and it is applicable as a post-processing tool for all optimization schemes with a number of different potential solutions. When the architecture is tightly coupled to a specific problem-solving or optimization method, effective interactive schemes where the final decision maker is in the loop can be developed.[6]


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