Graphics Environment for Multimedia

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Graphics Environment for Multimedia
Original author(s) Mark Danks
Developer(s) Günter Geiger, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics
Stable release
0.93.3 / November 11, 2011; 5 years ago (2011-11-11)
Operating system Linux, OS X, Win32 and IRIX
License GNU General Public License

Graphics Environment for Multimedia (GEM) is a set of externals (libraries) that provide OpenGL graphics functionality to Pure Data, a graphical programming language for real-time audio processing. It is free under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Originally written by Mark Danks[1] of Sony Computer Entertainment, it is now maintained by Johannes Zmölnig[2] of the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics. It was once (but is no longer) partly supported by a grant from the Intel Research Council for The Global Visual Music project of Vibeke Sorensen, Miller Puckette and Rand Steiger.

The externals provide support for many objects, such as polygon graphics, lighting, texture mapping, image processing, and camera motion.

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