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Graphisoft SE
Societas Europaea
IndustryCAD, Building Information Modeling, Software
FoundedBudapest, Hungary (1982)
HeadquartersBudapest, Hungary
Key people
Gábor Bojár, Founder, Chairman of the Board
Viktor Várkonyi, CEO
ProductsSee complete products listing.
ParentNemetschek AG
SubsidiariesGraphisoft R&D Zrt., Graphisoft Deutschland GmbH, Graphisoft North America Inc, Graphisoft Japan Co. Ltd., Graphisoft UK Ltd., Graphisoft Brazil, Graphisoft Singapore, Graphisoft Hong Kong Ltd., Graphisoft Beijing Rep. Office, Graphisoft Mexico, Graphisoft Italy

A subsidiary of Nemetschek, Graphisoft SE develops Building Information Modeling software products for architects, interior designers and planners, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Graphisoft has subsidiaries in Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan and representative offices in Russia and Singapore. The company's flagship product is ArchiCAD[1] — an architectural design software developed since 1984 for Windows and Mac platforms.


Graphisoft ArchiCAD[edit]

ArchiCAD is a complex architectural design tool offering 2D and 3D drafting, visualization and documentation functions for architects and planners to create three-dimensional designs and detailed technical documentation, thus enabling architects to use ArchiCAD from the earliest design phases to the technical detail drawings.[2][3]

Graphisoft BIM Server[edit]

Graphisoft's second generation collaboration solution lets more architects work on the same building simultaneously with ArchiCAD by allowing them to access and manage the building information model database over the Internet. Graphisoft BIM Server is shipped with ArchiCAD from version 13.[4]

Graphisoft MEP Modeler[edit]

Graphisoft MEP Modeler (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing) Modeler is an ArchiCAD extension for architects to incorporate duct work and piping into the architectural design. MEP Modeler allows architects to create, edit or import 3D MEP networks and coordinate them with the Building Information Model, facilitating the BIM workflow between engineers and architects.

Graphisoft EcoDesigner[edit]

Graphisoft EcoDesigner helps architects to use virtual building information to evaluate energy performance, thus the sustainability of the building from the very first concept design. EcoDesigner allows architects to analyze their design for energy efficiency, providing feedback on the building's estimated energy performance.[5]

Graphisoft BIMx[edit]

BIMx, formerly marketed as Virtual Building Explorer is an interactive BIM model presentation tool, which allows the presentation of entire building models without the need for installing ArchiCAD or other BIM authoring tool. The software combines video game-like navigation with native BIM features, including measurement of real building dimensions.[6]


Graphisoft's flagship product, ArchiCAD was introduced in 1987 as the Virtual Building concept, later (2003) regarded as building information modeling (BIM), and allowing architects to draw walls, windows, doors, slabs and roofs — a common feature now of every BIM-based architectural design software. Subsequent ArchiCAD releases introduced other BIM features such as Teamwork, which enabled more architects to work on the same building in parallel, edit functions in three-dimensional model views, and interoperability add-ons to communicate with other applications using IFC — now a de facto standard in data exchange between BIM applications.

Graphisoft was introduced to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1998 and the Budapest Stock Exchange in 2000, and was purchased by Nemetschek AG (Germany) in 2007.[7]

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