Graphtec Corporation

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Graphtec Corporation
(TYO: 6968)
IndustryComputer hardware
Key people
Dr. Watanabe (Founder)
ProductsPlotters, scanners
Watanabe logo
MP1000 (1983)

Graphtec Corporation (TYO: 6968), formerly Watanabe Instruments, is a company for computer input and output devices in Japan. It has subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and Australia. Graphtec was established in 1949; their first plotter was released in 1961.


Pen plotter
  • WX4633, WX4638, WX4671, WX4675, WX4731
  • MP1000
Cutting plotter
  • Craft ROBO, Craft ROBO Pro
  • CE 3000
  • CE 5000


The plotters use Graphtec Plotter Graphic Language (GP-GL) which is not compatible with HP-GL, see its EAGLE definition:


Type     = PenPlotter
Long     = "Watanabe WX4671 plotter"
Init     = ""
Reset    = "M0,0\n"
Width    = 16
Height   = 11
ResX     = 254
ResY     = 254
Move     = "M%d,%d\n"
Draw     = "D%d,%d\n"

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