Grapska Gornja

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Grapska Gornja
Grapska Gornja is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Grapska Gornja
Grapska Gornja
Coordinates: 44°46′N 18°05′E / 44.767°N 18.083°E / 44.767; 18.083
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entity Republika Srpska
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Grapska Gornja (Cyrillic: Грапска Горња) is a village in the municipality of Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1]

Grapska Gornja Massacre[edit]

On 10 May 1992, Serb forces attacked the Bosniak village of Gornja Grapska in the municipality of Doboj. Pre-war population of the village consisted of 2,260 Bosniaks, 27 Serbs, six Yugoslavs, and four others.

The village was unarmed and undefended. Serbs slaughtered at least 34 Bosniak women, children and the elderly men in the massacre. After the massacre, they plundered the village and torched Bosnian Muslim houses. At least 20 Bosniak women, some of them underage, were captured and transferred to Doboj where they were kept for months and brutally raped in a local police station. After months of terror, they were released to Red Cross and told by their captors to “bear Serb children.” The rest of the men where either executed or transferred to various concentration camps. Many of the men are still missing.

In 1997, the court in Düsseldorf convicted Nikola Jorgić of genocide (Doboj Genocide) and sentenced him to life for crimes he committed in 1992 in the Doboj area, making him the first European sentenced for Genocide since World War II.


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Coordinates: 44°46′N 18°05′E / 44.767°N 18.083°E / 44.767; 18.083