Grasshopper (novel)

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First edition (UK)
Author Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendell)
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Crime/Mystery novel
Publisher Viking (UK)
Harmony (US)
Publication date
1 June 2000
Media type Print/Audiobook
Pages 416 (hardback)
ISBN 0-670-89174-6
OCLC 43718879
Preceded by The Chimney Sweeper's Boy
Followed by The Blood Doctor

Grasshopper is a novel by Barbara Vine, pseudonym of author Ruth Rendell, first published in 2000.

Plot summary[edit]

Blamed by her parents for the death of a friend, Clodagh has been banished from their home in the countryside to a dingy basement flat and a meaningless existence in the city. Then she meets the inhabitants of the top floor of 15 Russia Road. Charismatic Silver, brutal Johnny, paranoid Liv and exotic Wim range across a London of roofs, eaves and ledges, unseen by the ordinary inhabitants, thrilling in the freedom and danger. Clodagh, haunted for two years by the accident on the pylon, finds that running the roofs with these fascinating misfits brings her back to life, but it seems that tragedy and misfortune may not be done with her yet...