The Grasshopper Company

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The Grasshopper Company
Industry Heavy equipment
Founded 1969
Headquarters Moundridge, Kansas 38°11′33″N 97°31′05″W / 38.192462°N 97.518157°W / 38.192462; -97.518157Coordinates: 38°11′33″N 97°31′05″W / 38.192462°N 97.518157°W / 38.192462; -97.518157
Products Commercial & Residential Zero-Turn Mowers, Snow Removal Equipment, Grounds Care Equipment
Number of employees

The Grasshopper Company is headquartered in Moundridge, Kansas, United States. The company manufactures zero-turn mowers and lawn mower implements.[1]


Grasshopper has been a family-owned business since 1969, when the first Grasshopper mower was introduced (invented by LeRoy Stucky, who also designed the trademark).[2] Today, Grasshopper has expanded to include a 300,000-square-foot (28,000 m2) manufacturing facility in Moundridge. The company has developed their products to serve the needs of government entities, lawn care professionals and equipment owners.[1]

Grasshopper mower from 1970s

Grasshopper innovations[edit]

Grasshopper was the first manufacturer to offer dual swing-out levers for their zero-turn mowers (1973)[3] and the first to offer a diesel-powered zero-turn mower (1983).[4] Diesel engines are known for power, fuel efficiency and longer engine life,[5] making mowers with diesel engines do not have to be replaced as often as mowers with other engine types.

Dual hydrostatic drive systems were incorporated to give operators a smoother ride (1988).

Grasshopper’s Combo Deck (1995) allowed mower operators to collect, mulch or discharge with the same deck.

The "Powerfold" electric deck lift rotates cutting decks up without manual lifting (2004).

Co-developed by Grasshopper and Parker Hannifin, the T-Drive transmission and AntiVibe Power Platform was created to reduce vibrations (2007).[6]

The 4X Rear Discharge deck design channels clippings behind the mower and away from the engine (2008).

Product overview[edit]

Grasshopper manufactures a range of zero-turn mowers and mower implements including:

Frontmount mowers

The Frontmount mowers feature either a three-or four-wheeled unit with the cutting deck mounted forward of both the engine and operator’s seat. Out-front decks have the advantage of being able to reach under shrubs and fences. These mowers accept interchangeable implements for lawn care and snow removal.[7]

Midmount mowers

Midmount models feature a four-wheeled mower with the cutting deck mounted under the operator’s seat, with the operator riding above the cutting deck. Mid-mounted mowers are especially useful for wide-open mowing with little obstacles.[8]

Powervac Collection Systems

Powervac is a vacuum that connects in place of the mower discharge shield. Clippings are compacted for easy disposal. Powertilt hopper empties debris without manual emptying.[9]

A 2012 model Grasshopper FrontMount mower with PowerVac collector.

Duramax Decks

Grasshopper Duramax decks enhance airflow to the grass and spread the clippings evenly while cutting. The heavy-gauge steel construction is more durable than stamped steel designs.


Powerfold electrically adjusts height and raises decks for Frontmount mowers.[10]

Quikconverter Implement System

Grasshopper’s Quikconverter Implement System allows the operator to connect a deck or implement to any Frontmount mower.

Snow removal

Grasshopper offers dozer blades, rotary brooms and snowthrowers for snow removal in the winter months.[11]

Edge-Eze edger

Allows operators to edge from the sidewalk, lawn or curb.[12]


Aeration loosens compacted soil, making oxygen more available and making grass healthier. The Aera-vator is not a core lawn aerator, so it does not leave cores behind.[13]

Product distribution[edit]

Grasshopper products are only available at Grasshopper dealerships and distributors worldwide.


Grasshopper uses powder coating for paint application.[14] Also, scraps of steel and metal left over from the manufacturing process are recycled to limit material waste.

Grasshopper mowers comply with Tier-4i, California Air Resources Board and United States Environmental Protection Agency air quality standards. Grasshopper supports alternative fuel sources like algae fuel and others to reduce greenhouse gases and cut down use of fossil fuels.[15]

Grasshopper culture[edit]

In 2007, Grasshopper was voted one of the Best Places to Work[16] and also won an international business award.[15]

Grasshopper was presented with a 2012 Pollution Prevention (P2) award from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in August 2012. The company was selected for its investments in new laser cutting technology, software and parts scanning equipment that reduced consumption of raw steel at its manufacturing facility in Moundridge.[17][18]

In April 2013, the company announced the donation of a Grasshopper mower to a combat-wounded military veteran so he could start a landscaping business.[19] The donation was set up through Military Warriors Support Foundation and comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Grasshopper also announced on a Fox News Channel "Fox & Friends" segment that it will continue its partnership with Military Warriors Support Foundation to give a mower to a military hero every year.[20]

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