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Grassman, also known as the Ohio Grassman is a legendary ape-like cryptid that reportedly inhabits the grasslands of Ohio.


Grassman is described as "a Bigfoot type creature" that is 7 feet tall, 300 pounds, and "leaves 3 toed tracks," according to reports from the territory around Cuyahoga Valley National Park "north of the Akron area."[1]

Loren Coleman writes, "Outside of California, I don't know of another state that has as many 'Bigfoot' investigators." ... "one of the best cases issued from Minerva, Ohio ... in early July and August 1978.... [The sightings] began in earnest on August 21, 1978."[2] He then quotes three pages of investigator Ron Shaffner's notes on the case. Because of the occasional "two-toned, multicolored hair pattern" found in creatures in this area, Coleman calls them "marked hominids," a term he prefers to "Eastern Bigfoot." He says they are "more human-looking and somewhat shorter than the classic Neo-Giant," such as the Patterson film Bigfoot.[3]

Don Keating, one of those Bigfoot investigators, self-published a report of Bigfoot sighting and "hearing" reports,[4] possible-track finds,[5] reprinted newspaper stories about both,[6] and a videotaping of an ambiguous white Bigfoot[7] in an area within a 25-mile radius of Newcomerstown, Ohio in the mid-1980s and early 1990s. Some of the tracks had three or four toes; one of them looked like the Eric Shipton Yeti prints.[8] (Keating has subsequently published a newsletter and organized Bigfoot conferences.)

Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio by Chris Murphy and others gives a complete rundown of Bigfoot incidents in the state, arranged by county and then by date.[9] Footprints with 3 or 4 toes are noted on pages 47, 54, 65, 71, and 82.

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