Grateful Dawg

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Grateful Dawg
Directed by Gillian Grisman
Produced by Gillian Grisman
Release date
  • 2000 (2000)

Grateful Dawg is a documentary film from 2000 which chronicles the friendship and musical relationship of musicians Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Director and producer Gillian Grisman uses multiple videos, as well as live recordings, to help show this bond between two friends and musicians. It gives a view of Garcia outside the Grateful Dead. The film includes many live performances of Grisman and Garcia.

The DVD has the following chapters:

  1. Start
  2. "Grateful Dawg" (Live)
  3. Early Pickin'
  4. "The Sweet Sunny South"
  5. Old and in the Way
  6. "Pig in a Pen"
  7. Sweetwater Reunion
  8. "Dawg's Waltz"
  9. "Sitting Here in Limbo"
  10. Sea Shanties
  11. "Off to Sea Once More"
  12. Not for Kids Only
  13. "Jenny Jenkins"
  14. "Arabia" Intro
  15. "Arabia"
  16. "The Thrill is Gone" Intro
  17. "The Thrill is Gone"
  18. The Living Room
  19. "Friend of the Devil"
  20. End Credits

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