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Grattachecca (particolare).jpg
Place of originItaly
Region or stateRome
Main ingredientsShaved ice, Sciroppo

Grattachecca is a cold dessert originating in Rome, Italy. Commonly sold in kiosks and bars, it consists of hand-shaved ice flavoured with various flavours of sweet sciroppo.[1] In contemporary times, some grattachecca vendors use a mechanical ice crusher, rather than shaving or grating the ice by hand.[2] Some vendors believe that using a machine is more hygienic compared to hand shaving the ice.[2]

Alla fonte d'oro[edit]

The kiosk Alla fonte d'oro is the oldest in the city, and has served Romans and tourists since 1913.[2] The kiosk uses machine-grated ice, rather than grating it by hand.[2]


See also[edit]

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