Graugon AntiVirus

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Graugon AntiVirus
Developer(s)Graugon Software Group
Operating systemWindows
TypeAntivirus software
LicenseProprietary crippleware[1]

Graugon AntiVirus is antivirus software based on Clam Antivirus[2] developed and maintained by the Graugon Software Group.[3] The software has undergone several name changes and was relaunched in mid-2008.


Graugon AntiVirus was first released in 2003 as AntiVirus by the then HD1988 Labs. The software was initially designed to scan network files for malicious traits, mainly viruses. In 2005, as HD1988 Labs merged with another team of software developers, AntiVirus was renamed to Graugon AntiVirus.


As of May 2010, Graugon AntiVirus has an average user rating of 2.3 out of 5 stars at Fileforum.[4] [5]

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