Graves of Valor

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Graves of Valor
Origin Florence, South Carolina
Genres Death metal[1]
Years active 2005–2011, 2014-present
Labels Tragic Hero Records (2007-2009)
Relapse (2009-present)
Associated acts Through The Eyes of the Dead

Richard Turbeville
Justin Brown
Damon Welch
Jeff Pence

Ryan Blum

Graves of Valor is a death metal band formed in 2005, hailing from Florence, South Carolina. They recently inked a deal with Relapse Records and have since released their only full-length album, Salarian Gate, on May 26, 2009.


Graves of Valor was formed in December 2005 in Florence, South Carolina, with their original name being "From Graves of Valor." After a few line-up changes, ex-Through the Eyes of the Dead members Jeff Springs, Richard Turbeville, and Dayton Cantley joined up with bassist David Hasselbring and Damon Welch to solidify the band's most recent line-up.

The band recorded their debut album, Salarian Gate, in Tampa, Florida at Mana Recording Studios with engineer Brian Elliott. The band toured as part of the 2009 Relapse Contamination Tour alongside fellow label-mates Obscura and Abysmal Dawn in April and May leading up to the official Salarian Gate US release date. Graves of Valor also went on a three-week run supporting Salt the Wound in September 2009 in support of their latest release with Knights of the Abyss, and Within the Ruins.

After being unable to secure a full line-up and full-time drummer, Graves of Valor disbanded. The band has recently re-formed with Jeff Springs and Dayton Cantley under the new name Ditch Eel. Their musical style has changed from death metal to more Southern inspired metal.


  • Richard Turbeville- Guitar
  • Damon Welch- Vox
  • Justin Brown - Guitar
  • Jeff Pence- Drums
  • Ryan Blum- Bass
  • David Hasselbring- Bass
  • Jeff Springs- Guitar
  • Dayton Cantley- Drums


as From Graves of Valor[edit]

as Graves of Valor[edit]


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