Gravestone (band)

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OriginBaden-Württemberg, Germany
GenresHeavy metal, progressive rock
Years active1977–86
LabelsScratch Records
Associated acts48 Crash, U.D.O., Stranger, Kreator, Sinner
MembersBerti Majdan
Klaus 'Doc' Reinelt
Thomas Sabisch
Thomas Imbacher
Jürgen Metko
Past membersDieter Behle
Mathias Dieth
Rudi Dorner
Taki Gradl
Andy Müller
Dietmar "Oli" Orlitta
Wolfgang Rittner
Mike Schmidt

Gravestone was a German heavy metal band, formed in 1977 as originally a progressive rock outfit, before going in to the heavy metal genre.

Gravestone released five studio albums between 1977 and 1986 before splitting up. Several of the band members continued the band under the name 48 Crash.[1]

Band members[edit]



  • Berti Majdan
  • Dietmar "Oli" Orlitta


  • Dieter Behle
  • Thomas Imbacher
  • Mike Schmidt

Bass Guitar[edit]

  • Berti Majdan
  • Dietmar "Oli" Orlitta
  • Thomas Sabisch


  • Mathias Dieth
  • Rudi Dorner
  • Taki Gradl
  • Jürgen Metko
  • Klaus 'Doc' Reinelt [3]
  • Wolfgang Rittner


  • Andy Müller




  • Doomsday (1979)
  • War (1980)
  • Victim of Chains (1984)
  • Back to Attack (1985)
  • Creating a Monster (1986)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • The Best of Gravestone (1993)


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