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Attila Csihar GravetempleTrio.jpg
Background information
Genres Drone metal, Experimental
Years active 2006
Labels Southern Lord Records
Associated acts Sunn O))), Khanate, Mayhem, Burial Chamber Trio
Members Attila Csihar
Stephen O'Malley
Oren Ambarchi

Gravetemple is the name given to the line-up of Attila Csihar, Stephen O'Malley and Oren Ambarchi. The trio formed in the summer of 2006 to perform a series of live shows in Israel, while Israel was engaged in the 2006 Lebanon War. In Summer 2008 the trio reformed together with Australian drummer Matt "Skitz" Sanders for a short European tour. This band is not to be confused with the Burial Chamber Trio which consists of a similar line-up but with Greg Anderson instead of Stephen O'Malley. Gravetemple released The Holy Down in 2007 through Southern Lord Records.


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