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GRAVEYARD BBQ is a DIRTCORE band formed by BBQ Main Man / The "King of Sling", Brownbag Johnson along with 3 hometown friends Reverand Brixx, Bud Black, and Peterbilt Wilson from Waltham, Massachusetts in 2003. Their 1st big break came when they won the "Be a Guitar Hero" national contest to have their song "Cheat on the Church" ("Greatest Hits Volume 1") featured in the soundtrack of the hit PlayStation 2 video game Guitar Hero. They also have some of their songs featured on other popular video games, Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3. They have 4 official record releases- their 1st record is called, "Greatest Hits Volume 1" (2005), which was appropriately followed up by their highly praised break-thru "Greatest Hits Volume 2" (2007). The band toured relentlessly in the U.S during this time rapidly building their cult following fan base, The BBQ NATION. They have performed at the annual Boston Freedom Rally (Hempfest) a total of 4 times (from 2006–2009), headlining the event in 2008 & 2009. While touring the U.S in 2009, they won the High Times Magazine "Best New Underground Artist" Doobie Award during the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin,TX.

Due to some member changes in 2010, it was announced that the band would be taking a short hiatus... during which time Guitarist/Vocalist, Brownbag Johnson relocated from his native Boston,MA to Los Angeles, CA. In 2012, Johnson announced plans that he was beginning to record a Series of New Graveyard BBQ "concept" themed E.P's which essentially would be the "prequels" to the "Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2" records. In April 2013, the 1st of the E.P Series, "The Raw, The Rippin' & The Righteous" was released which marked the 1st BBQ studio release in over 5 years, and also showcased Johnson's growth as an Artist elevating his "Dirtcore" Sound & Style to a whole New Level. Also around this time, he also developed his "Bluesman" modeled “1-Man-Dirtcore-Band” side-act, breaking out Solo and playing shows around Los Angeles. In October 2014, the 2nd in the Series of Graveyard BBQ E.P's entitled, "The Road That Lies Ahead" was released as a collection of 5 EPIC, Soulfull "Country / Blues Metal" flavored Songs that are considered by fans to be his "BEST yet!" Currently, (as of March 2015) he claims to already be back in the studio hard at work recording the next E.P release out of the conceptual lot.


Their self-proclaimed sound is a style originated by Singer/Guitarist, "The King of Sling", Brownbag Johnson". It's a unique & authentic recipe of 'old school Country-Western & Down Home Delta Blues, penetrated by Monstrous Metal Riffage, Sleazy Swagger n' Chops, Southern Rock, Surf, and Thrash all mixed together and marinaded with electrifying Slide-Guitar. Their lyrical content / "vibe" is generally all about having a good time with some good ole' fashioned FUN! But, it's so much more than that.... it's also a well-balanced mix of cleverly witted Humor, Sex-laden Sleaze, an unwavering F**K Y** Attitude, Real Life Experiences, and "Singin' the Blues while Payin' the Dues"


The band calls their fan base the "BBQ NATION", which is also the title of the fan-inspired song featured on the "Greatest Hits Volume 2" record. A music video for the song can be seen on their YouTube Channel. It was filmed at Main Man, Brownbag Johnson's house during the band's annual party they call the "White Trash Bash." The motto of the BBQ NATION is "All hail the BBQ NATION! If you ain't with us, yer against us!"


The band also has female background singers/dancers called, "BBQ GIRLZ" that perform live, and are featured on some recordings such as the Sleaze Anthem inspired by 5 cent Mustache Rides, "Ride The Stache" Other Songs with BBQ GIRLZ Vocals include; "The Clothes That Makes The Man", "Teazer", "BBQ GIRL", "Who do you Love?", "World Turning", and "Watch City Blues"

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The band also has female background singers/dancers called, "BBQ GIRLZ" that perform live, and are featured on some recordings.


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