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Gravity is a start up Content Personalization Company based out of Los Angeles, USA. They help publishers and advertisers deliver personalized content and ads. The company was founded in 2009[1] by Amit Kapur, Jim Benedetto, and Steve Pearman. The company was acquired by AOL in January 2014 for a reported $90.7 million.[2]


Gravity offers Content Personalization by using something they developed using the "interest graph" to tailor specific interests of each user on social websites. The "interest graph" uses real time ingestion to process content and behavior data. The data then gets a Semantic and a Virility analysis and the "interest graph" is created according to each specific user. Gravity also uses these graphs in relation to specific brands. The data presented in these graphs give specific information on what customers a company has and their preferences. The companies using Gravity "interest graphs" are able to directly see what their customers want and expect. The graphs enable brands to eliminate focus groups, market research, surveys, etc.[3]

Customers and partners[edit]

Gravity has a wide variety of clients and it is being utilized by over 50 companies and publishers.[4]