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The Gravity Games was a multi-sport competition originating in Providence, Rhode Island that was broken down into Winter and Summer adaptations. The competition featured a variety of extreme sports such as aggressive inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle motocross, BMX freestyle and snowboarding.

The Gravity Games were jointly owned through a strategic partnership between Primedia, Octagon and NBC Sports.[1]

The summer Gravity Games were last held in Perth in Australia in December 2006.



1999 - Providence, Rhode Island
2000 - Providence, Rhode Island
  • Carey Hart attempted the world's first backflip on a dirt bike at this event.
2001 - Providence, Rhode Island
2002 - Cleveland, Ohio
2003 - Cleveland, Ohio
2004 - Cleveland, Ohio
2005 - Woodward & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2006 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia


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