Gravity Grave

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"Gravity Grave"
Gravity grave.jpg
Single by The Verve
from the album Verve EP
Released 5 October 1992
Format CD, 12-inch single
Length 8:21 (extended version)
4:27 (edit)
Label Hut Records
Writer(s) Richard Ashcroft, Simon Jones, Peter Salisbury, Nick McCabe
Producer(s) Barry Clempson
The Verve singles chronology
"She's a Superstar"
"Gravity Grave"

"Gravity Grave" is a song by English rock band The Verve and was released as the band's third single in the United Kingdom on 5 October 1992 (see 1992 in British music) by Hut Recordings. It reached number 196 on the UK Singles Chart.

An extended version of the song was played at the 1993 Glastonbury Festival and lasted over nine minutes. That performance was released on the No Come Down B-sides compilation in 1994. The full version of the song, which appeared on this single, was included as part of The Verve's 2004 Singles Compilation package This Is Music: The Singles 92-98. The edit version was only released as the lead track on the Verve EP.

Part of their "psychedelic era", this is another song with blurry visions of relationships and strong connections to drug taking, which the band, especially lead singer Richard Ashcroft, were more than apt to do. In fact, Ashcroft collapsed on stage at the 1994 Lollapalooza tour from dehydration as a result of taking too much ecstasy.

The cover was taken on Formby Beach, Merseyside, England. The man pictured on the cover is Tobyn Burnett. The cover was designed by Brian Cannon of Microdot and shot by Michael Spencer Jones.

Music video[edit]

The music video features the band in a 1973/74 Dodge Charger traveling through a rural setting and at one point stopping at a roadside cafe. The video contains a mix of colored as well as black and white footage. The video ends with the car fading as it moves on down the open road. This Dodge Charger was destroyed at the Heinegone Banger Race in King's Lynn on 13 June 2015.

Track listing[edit]

  • CD HUTCD 21
  1. Gravity Grave (Extended Version) - 8:21
  2. Endless Life - 5:32
  3. A Man Called Sun (Live at Clapham Grand - 17/07/1992) - 5:29
  4. Gravity Grave (Live Encore at Clapham Grand - 17/07/1992) - 2:35
  • 10" HUTEN 21
  1. Gravity Grave (Edit)
  2. Endless Life - 5:32
  3. She's a Superstar (Live at Clapham Grand - 17/07/1992)
  • 12" HUTT 21
  1. Gravity Grave (Extended Version) - 8:21
  2. Endless Life - 5:32
  3. A Man Called Sun (Live at Clapham Grand - 17/07/1992)

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