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Gravity Records.jpg
Founded1991 (1991)
FounderMatt Anderson
Distributor(s)Mordam Records[1]
GenrePost-hardcore, hardcore punk, experimental rock, indie rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationSan Diego, California

Gravity is an underground independent record label from San Diego.[2] It was formed in 1991 by Matt Anderson, a member of the influential underground band Heroin.[3] It has been central in developing and promoting the "San Diego sound" – an idiosyncratic form of post-hardcore with loose, chaotic musicianship and vocals, initiated by Heroin, Antioch Arrow, and Clikatat Ikatowi, as well as Mohinder from the Bay Area and Angel Hair from Colorado.[4][5] The sound is associated with the first wave of screamo, and the label played an important role in the development of post-hardcore in the 1990s.[4][6] Gravity has also branched out into other forms of experimental or independent music, releasing seminal early works by Unwound, Black Dice, The Rapture, and a full-length from Man Is The Bastard.

Label roster[edit]


This list is organized by catalog number. Also note that two releases that have the catalog number 2 and, there is no release in the Gravity Records catalog to have the catalog number 50.

No. Year Artist Title Format Release notes
1 1992 Heroin Heroin 7-inch Some later white label pressings included photographs glued to the labels
2 Lava Lava 7-inch Packaged in silkscreened sleeve with a variety of colors screened. Some copies had blue covers, other black, some brown
2 Dark Sarcasm Lego Facilities 7-inch Co-release with Vinyl Communications
3 1993 Young Ginns Young Ginns 7-inch Original pressings had black-on-white labels, while later pressings had the reverse
4 Antioch Arrow The Lady Is A Cat 12-inch Packaged in spray painted covers
4.5 Antioch Arrow/Candle Antioch Arrow/Candle 7-inch Split between Antioch Arrow and Candle, co-released with Wrenched Records
5 Universal Order of Armageddon/Born Against Universal Order of Armageddon/Born Against 7-inch The first pressing came packaged in manilla envelopes, while later pressings were packaged in more "regular" sleeves
6 Unwound Unwound 7-inch Single-sided 7-inch with an etched B-side featuring lyrics. All tracks on this record were later released again on the band's 1995 self-titled album.
7 Heroin Heroin 12-inch Split release with Vermiform Records. Two different covers for this release exists.
8 1994 John Henry West John Henry West 7-inch Packaged in a manilla envelope
9 Huggy Bear Long Distance Lovers 7-inch First pressing was packaged in yellow sleeves with pink ink, while the second pressing was issued in an orange sleeve with white ink.
10 Second Story Window Second Story Window 7-inch Two pressings exist, the second press in particular had pressing etchings that were scratched out
11 Antioch Arrow In Love With Jetts 12-inch First issued in 1993, then repressed in 1997 with different artwork
12 Universal Order of Armageddon Universal Order of Armageddon 12-inch Packaged in silk-screened sleeves
13 Mohinder Mohinder 7-inch Released in a variety of sleeves, some of which were silk-screened pages of magazines
14 Angel Hair Angel Hair 7-inch A large variety of covers exist, all with the same design but printed with different colored inks
15 Second Story Window Second Story Window 12-inch Issued in silk-screened sleeves
16 1995 The Fucking Angels/Vicious Ginks The Fucking Angels/Vicious Ginks LP Split full-length released in sleeves that had hand-pasted artwork
17 Angel Hair Insect Mortality 12-inch Around 100 copies were packaged in silk-screened sleeves
18 1997 Angel Hair Pregnant With The Senior Class CD Discography compilation
19 1996 Clikatat Ikatowi Orchestrated And Conducted By LP, CD Pressed on CD and vinyl. A limited edition of hot pink LP copies were also pressed
20 1997 Heroin Heroin CD Discography compilation
21 1995 Men's Recovery Project Normal Man 7-inch
22 Man Is the Bastard Thoughtless... LP, CD First issued as an LP in 1995, pressed on white vinyl as well as a picture disc. The CD edition was released in 1996. In 2012, the album was repressed on vinyl as editions of black, purple, and yellow.
23 1996 A Day Called Zero A Day Called Zero CD
24 1998 Stacatto Reads Stacatto Reads 7-inch Sleeves were printed on a variety of colors
25 1995 The V.S.S. The V.S.S. 7-inch
26 1997 Clikatat Ikatowi Live August 29th And 30th, 1995 LP, CD
27 1996 Monorchild When The Mutes Begin To Root 7-inch
28 1997 Evergreen These Last Days 7-inch
29 1999 Heat Chalk It Up 7-inch Packaged in die-cut sleeve
30 1997 Antioch Arrow Antioch Arrow CD Compilation featuring The Lady Is A Cat, In Love With Jetts, the Antioch Arrow tracks from their split 7-inch with Candle, and four previously unreleased live recordings. Features the same artwork from the 1997 12-inch pressing of In Love With Jetts.
31 1998 Three Mile Pilot Three Mile Pilot 12-inch, CD
32 Clikatat Ikatowi River Of Souls 12-inch, CD Some 12-inch pressings includes 3 tracks on one side and 5 on the other, while other 12-inch pressings had an even track list with 4 tracks on both sides
33 1997 Crom-Tech Crom-Tech LP, CD LP edition had silk-screened sleeves
34 1998 Physics Physics² CD
35 Black Dice Black Dice 7-inch Also known as Lambs Like Fruit. Some copies were pressed with not center labels
36 1999 The Rapture Mirror LP, CD An unknown amount of clear LP copies exists
37 2000 Various Artists Gravity 37. Compilation Video VHS Features videos of live performances by Gravity Records bands. The "soundtrack" was released as a CD the same year as the VHS home video release.
Gravity 37. Compilation Video: The Soundtrack CD
38 2001 The Spacewürm See You Later Oscillator CD
39 2001 Sea Of Tombs Sea Of Tombs LP, CD
40 Get Hustle Who Do You Love? 7-inch
41 2002 Tristeza Mania Phase 12-inch, CD
42 2003 Tristeza Espuma 12-inch, CD
43 Various Artists Gravity Video 2 DVD Features videos of live performances by Gravity Records bands. The "soundtrack" was released as a CD the same year as the DVD home video release.
Gravity Video 2 Soundtrack CD
44 2004 Spacehorse Spacehorse LP, CD
45 2005 Earthless Sonic Prayer LP, CD LP edition pressed on black, purple, teal, white, pink, red, orange, and clear vinyl. LP was later repressed in 2009 on translucent purple vinyl, then again in 2016 on green vinyl
46 Earthless Sonic Prayer Jam 10-inch Pressed on black and blue/green swirl vinyl. Later repressed in 2012 as Gravity Records #54 on blue, green, and gray 12-inch vinyl as well as CD. In 2015, it was again repressed as a 12-inch, this time on orange vinyl
47 2009 Les Aus Mitologia Natural LP
48 2008 The Convocation My History Museum 7-inch
49 2009 Bastard Noise Rouge Astronaut CD Limited edition CD that also includes 4 glossy inserts, a sticker, and a foil-stamped poster
51 2010 Crime Desire Every Day...In Chains 12-inch Pressed on black and blue vinyl
52 2011 Crime Desire Alone In A Dream EDICII 12-inch Pressed on black and purple vinyl
53 Universal Order of Armageddon Universal Order of Armageddon 2×7″ Double 7-inch containing previously unreleased live recordings from 1993
54 2012 Earthless Sonic Prayer Jam 12-inch, CD Reissue of Gravity Records #46. Originally released in 2005 as a 10-inch, this edition was pressed on blue, grey, and green 12-inch vinyl, as well as a CD
55 Prizehog A Talking To 12-inch Pressed on orange vinyl
N/A 1994 Clikatat Ikatowi Demo CS Demo tape with single sided inkjet-printed inlay. On the blank side of the insert is the official Gravity Records mailing address, making this the only Gravity Records release to not have a catalog number.

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