Gravity Wars

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"Gravity Wars". 
Developer(s) Ed Bartz (1986)
Boris Yakubchik (2008)
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) June 2008
Genre(s) Strategy game, Artillery game

Gravity Wars is a video game originally for the Amiga personal computer. It is a turn-based artillery game, which is a subgenre of strategy game.

The game consists of two spaceships taking turns to fire projectiles at each other through the user entering an initial angle and velocity for the projectile. The spaceships are not moveable. Randomly scattered planets across a 2D system gravitationally attracting the projectiles make shots tricky, with the shots describing chaotic paths. The player's enjoyment is derived from the skill required to achieve a successful hit and the surprising orbits resulting from shots that can result in unexpected own goals. With its simplicity and aesthetic beauty it inspired re-makes with the same name. A 1992 edition was written for the Macintosh by Rhys Hollow to work as a rulebook on GameMaster gaming platform. There are MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux ports available on the Internet, and a recent version of the game even extends the concept to three dimensions.

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