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Gray-Nicolls is a sports equipment and apparel brand specialising in cricket owned by Grays International. Gray Nicolls was formed when the English companies Grays and Nicolls merged.


World Racquets champion H.J. Gray founded the racket-making company H.J. Gray and Sons in Cambridge, England in 1855. The company later began manufacturing cricket bats for leading Cambridge players such as Ranjitsinjhi and the then Prince of Wales and remains a family business. L.J. Nicolls started making bats in 1876 in his workshop in Robertsbridge, East Sussex, where the company is still based today.[1] These two well-regarded bat manufacturers merged in the 1940s to form Gray-Nicolls and stars such as England Captain Wally Hammond and Australian all-rounder Keith Miller soon started to use Gray-Nicolls bats.


The following cricketers currently have endorsements deals with Gray-Nicolls:




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