Gray Line Montreal

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Gray Line Montreal
GrayLine Montreal 8.jpg
AEC Routemaster in Montreal in August 2007
Parent Stagecoach Group
Founded 1982
Headquarters Montreal
Service type tour bus, double-decker bus
Alliance Coach USA
Operator Coach Canada
Website Official Website

Gray Line Montreal, although a member of the Coach Canada family, is an independently managed operation,[1] that also formerly carried the brand of Stagecoach Montréal.[2] They run a fleet of coaches and double-decker buses in and around Montreal, under the banner of Gray Line Worldwide sightseeing tours, offering city tours and trips to Quebec City. Although departures are mostly at the Dorchester Square/Peel Street location, some of the routes offer hop-on hop-off convenience.


Autocar Connaiseur Inc., was founded in 1982 by Lorenzo Calce, a former vice-president of Murray Hill Limousines, operating charters and Gray Line sightseeing tours in Montreal. In 1997 the company, which had grown to a fleet of over 100 buses, was sold to Coach USA[3] the North American division of the international transport group Stagecoach. Approval under the Investment Canada Act was given in October 1999, for Stagecoach Holdings plc to acquire Autocar Connaisseur Inc., of Montréal.[4]

The parent of each of the Connaisseur Group of companies is 3329003 Canada, Inc.,[5] a noncarrier owned by Coach USA.