Gray Peak (New York)

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Gray Peak
Gray Peak from Mount Marcy.jpg
View of Gray Peak from Mount Marcy in winter.
Highest point
Elevation4,826 ft (1,471 m) [1]
Prominence102 ft (31 m) [1]
ListingAdirondack High Peaks
Coordinates44°06′41″N 73°56′06″W / 44.1114427°N 73.9348658°W / 44.1114427; -73.9348658Coordinates: 44°06′41″N 73°56′06″W / 44.1114427°N 73.9348658°W / 44.1114427; -73.9348658[2]
Map of New York showing location of Gray Peak
Map of New York showing location of Gray Peak
Gray Peak
Location of Gray Peak in New York
LocationKeene, New York, U.S.
Parent rangeAdirondacks
Topo mapUSGS Mount Marcy
Easiest routeHike

Gray Peak is the seventh-highest peak in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park, in New York, United States, and is located in close proximity to Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York state. Gray Peak is southwest of Mt. Marcy and southeast of Mount Colden.[3] It was named for Asa Gray by Verplanck Colvin.

Gray Peak is most frequently climbed from Lake Tear of the Clouds, with approaches via Elk Lake or Upper Works. Gray is the highest peak in the Adirondacks without a maintained and marked trail.[4] This fact, combined with the somewhat limited view from Gray's summit, means that it is less frequently climbed than many shorter peaks.


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