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Grays Antique Market

Grays Antique Centre is an antiques centre in Mayfair, close to Bond Street station and is better known as Grays Antique Market.[1] Dealers specialise in antiques, jewellery, watches and collectables. The centre is home to over 200 dealers on 2 levels and the centre is split into 2 sections, Grays and the Mews.[2]


The Grays dealers are situated in a grade-two listed building on Davies Street designed by the Edwardian architect Reginald Bloomsfield. The building was originally commissioned by water closet manufacturers, John Bolding and Son. In 1977 it was restored by Bennie Gray, the founder of Grays from a near-derelict site to the former glories of the water closet showroom.[3]

The Mews and the River Tyburn[edit]

The Mews section of Grays was built circa 1900 and was also taken over by Bolding in 1931.[4] The basement of the Mews had been under six feet of water for many years. On closer inspection it was found that a spring arose from one end of the building. This was discovered to be a lost tributary of the River Tyburn,[5] which rises in Hampstead and flows through the basement towards the River Thames.[6] During the restoration, Bennie Gray made a feature of the spring, now channelled into a water feature filled with exotic fish.

The Mews houses dealers specialising in Islamic Art, collectable dolls, jewellery and clothing.


Nearest tube station Bond Street

58 Davies Street & 1-7 Davies Mews

Mayfair, London W1Y 2LP

New additions[edit]

In 2011 Grays Antiques Centre gained a new neighbour. Between two sections of the antiques market is Sumarria Lunn Gallery, a contemporary art gallery established in 2009 by two curators in their twenties.[7]

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