Great American Hall of Wonders

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The Great American Hall of Wonders: Art, Science, and Invention in the Nineteenth Century
Author Claire Perry
Country United States
Language English
Subject United States history
Publisher Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian American Art Museum ; London : In association with D Giles Ltd.
Publication date
Media type Hardover, paperback
ISBN 978-1-904832-97-3
OCLC 703623559

The Great American Hall of Wonders was an exhibition and catalog organized in 2011 by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The exhibit explored a number of themes pertinent to 19th century United States: clocks, Niagara Falls, guns, buffalos, railroads, and "big trees."[1] Works displayed included patent illustrations, advertisements, and artworks.[2]

List of artists[edit]

Among the artists, illustrators, photographers and inventors exhibited:[3]


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