Great American Tower

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Great American Tower
Great American Tower
General information
Type Office
Address 3200 North Central Avenue, Phoenix
Coordinates 33°29′08″N 112°04′28″W / 33.4856°N 112.0745°W / 33.4856; -112.0745Coordinates: 33°29′08″N 112°04′28″W / 33.4856°N 112.0745°W / 33.4856; -112.0745
Completed 1985
Owner Gaedeke Landers, LLC.
Roof 320 ft (98 m)
Technical details
Floor count 24
Floor area 338,482 square feet (31,446 m2)

The Great American Tower is a high-rise office building located along Central Avenue in the Uptown area of Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The tower rises 24 floors and 320 feet (98 m) in height.[1][3] Owned by Gaedeke Landers LLC, the Great American Tower was built in 1985.[2] Upon completion it stood as the sixth-tallest building in Phoenix, and today it stands as the 16th-tallest building in the city.

Like its next-door neighbor, the 3300 North Central Avenue, Great American Tower is rotated 45 degrees from the street grid. It is, however, an eight sided building with a 45-degree angle cut into each of the four corners. Great American Tower is designed in the Post Modern style. It features exterior columns and spandrels giving the tower an angular, repetitive appearance. The top floor plate is smaller than the rest of the tower and features a balcony, which rings the outer perimeter with the exception of its 45-degree corners.

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