Great Basin Province

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Great Basin Province
Country United States
Part of North American Desert ecoregion,[1]
Madrean Floristic Region
Borders on West: California Floristic Province;
West, North, and East: Western Cordillera,
Rocky Mountain Floristic Province;
South: Mojave Basin and Range,
Sonoran Basin and Range, and
Arizona/New Mexico Mountains ecoregions;
Sonoran Floristic Province.
[citation needed]

The Great Basin Province[2] is a floristic province of the Madrean Subkingdom (floristic region), in the Boreal Kingdom (floristic kingdom).[2] It is located in the Western United States.

It generally corresponds to the Central Basin and Range ecoregion and the Great Basin physiographic section.

The province includes xeric deserts — with < 10 in (250 mm) annual precipitation; and less xeric habitats — with > 10 in (250 mm) precipitation, access to aquifers, and/or in riparian zones.[3] Madrean Sky Islands are found at higher elevations, with montane habitats.


The larger deserts of the Great Basin Province are: the Great Basin Desert (39,505 square miles (102,320 km2) in Nevada; and the Great Salt Lake Desert (4,000 square miles (10,000 km2) and Escalante Desert (3,270 square miles (8,500 km2) in Utah.

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